Management Consulting

Vantage Point’s Management Consulting practice is comprised of Strategic Planning, Business Agility, Change Management, and Project Management capabilities that we use to help our clients tackle their most ambitious initiatives and fuel innovation.

Application Development

C#, Java, .Net, Python, Node.js, APIs - native, cloud, desktop, or mobile - We love to build. Vantage Point is a full-stack technology company capable of helping you navigate the cloud while delivering meaningful and useful applications that will delight your end-users.

Big Data

Today it is possible to predict tomorrow; however, accuracy is still highly dependent on obtaining, maintaining, and managing robust and sizable datasets. With all this advancement, your organization needs the talent to understand and implement AI and Machine Learning both on-premises and in the cloud. We can do that!

Multi-label classification
Sequence Generation Models
Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Label classification
Natural Language Understanding with Universal Language Models
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Human-Centered Design

We believe the heart of design is solving the human problem first. From this Vantage Point, we can begin to create meaningful and useful experiences for users. The world is hungry for creative solutions that solve their problems. At Vantage Point, our User Experience Design practice is dedicated to finding these solutions.  We offer the following services to our clients to harness the power of your creative minds and ours.