Return On College (ROC) for Institutions

Boost college applications and retention rates with ROC for Institutions. Show degree ROI to students/families. Ideal for advisors.
ROC for Institutions equips your admission office, advisors/counselors with an interactive tool showcasing your degrees ROI. Enhance understanding of economic value, allowing students/families to make informed decisions on education, career paths.

Enhanced ROI insights from trusted data sources

Streamline financial planning and enrollment management with personalized cost estimates and analytics
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Return On College for Institutions

Unveil degree value: ROC helps students/families grasp cost, payoff, and career paths for degrees

Visualize earnings potential, compare degree options, and share with others

Clarity on cost/earnings: ROC breaks down complex data to show future outcomes and loan impact

Model salary impact based on degree choice, compare to current occupation along with providing personalized loan repayment and budget impact
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Client Stories

The New York Institute of Technology

The New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) supported the initial design and rollout of Return on College for Insitutions, providing design input throughout its development. NYIT is now using ROC for Institutions to communicate to prospective and current students the career relevance of their degree programs and the return on investment potential. A ROC for Insitutions widget embeds directly into degree program webpage on NYIT’s website that enables prospective students to link directly into NYIT ROC tool, seeing a visualized representation of the net price of the degree, the occupations that align with the degree, the change in salary potential for students relative to their current degree level and/or occupation, and the anticipated loan servicing costs relative to their potential for improved earning power. NYIT is using the tool in several ways to include as an informational element on their degree program pages, in college fairs, and academic advising sessions with undecided students and degree changers, and in student loan package and financial aid exit interview conversations. Karen Vahey, Ed.D., dean of admissions and financial aid, who spearheaded this initiative at NYIT, said in a statement. “Our prospective and current students along with their families will benefit from the transparency into the cost of and return on a New York Tech degree that this tool provides.”

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