Contract Vehicles

Business Size Classification

  • Veteran Owned Small Business
  • Minority Asian-Pacific American Owned Small Business
  • Woman-Owned Small Business

GSA Multiple Award Schedule

Contract Number: 47QTCA20D009H
Contract Period: 04/27/2020 - 04/26/2025
Vantage Point is a participant in the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract for the following Special Item Numbers:
- Management and Financial Consulting- Acquisition and Grants Management Services- Information Technology Professional Services- Support Business Program and Project Management Services
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Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium

IT Professional Consulting Services

Contract Number: #91372

Contract Period: 07/01/2016 - 06/30/2025

Vantage Point is a participant in the MEEC IT Professional Consulting Services contract vehicle, which is available for MEEC consortium members which is open to public and private K-20 educational institutions, federal institutions, and public libraries in the state of Maryland. Under this contract, Vantage Point provides a wide range of consulting services within the six service categories listed below:

- Change Management/Strategic Planning- Technology Management- Analytics- Training- Transition to Cloud Applications, Shared Services and Managed Services- ERP Implementation Upgrade and Integration (ERP Brands: Oracle/Peoplesoft and Workday)
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Our products merge data and human-centered design to propel learners, employers and organizations.

Experience Registry

XR empowers organizations & communities to move from static listings for their skill-building programs, courses, or activities and publish them digitally - resulting in broader exposure to learners and significantly easier maintenance of each listing. Easily publish them to increase exposure and raise awareness among your target population!

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Return On College for Institutions

ROC for Institutions equips your admission office, advisors/counselors with an interactive tool showcasing your degrees ROI. Enhance understanding of economic value, allowing students/families to make informed decisions on education, career paths.

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Data on Snowflake Marketplace

Our offering on Snowflake Data Marketplace combines a rich selection of public datasets with the agile and efficient cloud technology of Snowflake. Access data from IPEDS, O*NET, College Scorecard, military occupational codes, military to civilian crosswalk, military ranks and pay grades, along with our proprietary Return-on-College dataset. This integration with Snowflake’s high-performance data warehousing ensures you can effortlessly analyze and process vast amounts of data, enabling informed decision-making and insights at an unprecedented pace.

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Single source for up-to-date interconnected data from the most essential Department of Education and Department of Defense public resources.

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The Community Career and Education Discovery Platform

A platform that enables workforce boards and their communities to highlight their region’s high demand career pathways, training providers, and programs, then connect learners/workers with coaches to get them started.

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Empower your decisions with! The quintessential hub for labor market and higher education data intelligence!

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Exponential Pathways

XP allows students to explore local and national occupations, career pathways, mentors, workforce groups. It allows organizational leaders to set up assignments and activities to guide students on their career exploration journey.

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Virtual Mentor

Virtual Mentor allows you to easily request, capture, and display curated success story videos from all across your community -- spreading their influence to all sorts of learners no matter where they are on their education or career journey. Empower your community leaders to share their journey far & wide!

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Career Path Decide

Career Path Decide provides Service members the ability to explore careers based off their skills, interests, values, and lifestyle which assists them to DECIDE on the next higher education or certification moving closer to their goal after serving.

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Return On College for High School

ROC offers clarity and direction for the future. Understand career goals, see the value of degrees for earning potential, and make informed choices on educational investments.

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PathBuilder lets workforce boards, businesses, and educators easily create & share career pathways with user-friendly tools and integrations. Empower Aspirations with PathBuilder.

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The Mentor Method

Move from DIY mentorship programs managed via spreadsheets to a scalable digital experience featuring algorithmic matching, automated administration, customizable program frameworks, and real-time data tracking to measure true program success!

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