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Our Army School Support Team works with Education Institutions (EIs) to assist in their ArmyIgnitED activities. The team serves as the Army’s academic facilitator to the integration of EIs, and to inform potential and current EIs about required system processes, business practices, and Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers, Army University (ACCESS, ArmyU) policies.

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December 17, 2021

Phase 2 FY21 GoArmyEd Tuition Assistance Data Migration

In order to facilitate tuition assistance (TA) payment to education institutions (EIs), on 16 December 2021, HQ ACCESS started migrating unpaid GoArmyEd TA Requests to ArmyIgnitED. This effort has now completed as of 17 December 2021.
Phase 2 of FY21 GoArmyEd TA Request Data Migration.

  • ACCESS migrated unpaid TA Requests from GoArmyEd to ArmyIgnitED for courses with start dates from 1 Jan - 12 Apr 2021 for select EIs.

How does TA Requests migration work?

  • All migrated unpaid TA Requests will populate in EIs’ Create Invoice Queues.
  • All migrated unpaid TA Requests will be annotated with a yellow flag icon on the left side depicting “Historical data from GoArmyEd”.
  • TA amounts listed on the TA Requests are the amounts that were approved in GoArmyEd.
  • During the migration:
  • TA Requests that duplicate ArmyIgnitED course enrollments that EIs submitted will be de-conflicted.
  • Soldiers’ FY21 annual limits ($4,000/year) will be adjusted during the migration, enabling the successful upload of additional TA Requests during ETP Draw #4 in Jan 2022.

How does the Education Institution get paid?

  • EIs must log in to ArmyIgnitED and submit an invoice in the system.
  • All EIs can access their ArmyIgnitED invoice queues, even if they have not successfully uploaded an enrollment file yet.
  • Payment of the migrated TA Requests will follow the same payment process of regular TA Requests. For details, please log into ArmyIgnitED and refer to the TA EI-Process Invoices How to Guide (located at ArmyIgnitED under Support Tab > Training Materials > Education Institutions-Tuition Assistance in the dropdown menu > How to Guides)
  • EIs should reduce the TA amounts for Soldier drops/withdrawals as appropriate and for other reasons listed in the How to Guide; this restores the Soldier’s annual TA.
  • Duplicate TA Requests: EIs should ensure that duplicate TA Requests are not billed to the Army. If a duplicate TA request is identified, please reduce one request to $0 TA cost and invoice the second TA request for the correct tuition rate. If the EI has already been paid TA for a course, reduce the TA request in the EI Invoice Queue to $0.
  • $0 TA Amounts: All TA Requests should be submitted on an invoice even if the TA amount is $0 and/or the course was Soldier self-funded.
  • ACCESS will be providing further information on Class Reference Numbers for the migrated TA Requests, as these numbers will be needed for EIs to upload course grades (if course grades were not posted in GoArmyEd).

November 18, 2021

Introducing TASimplifiED

Army School Support and Vantage Point Consulting, Inc., would like to introduce a new tool that has been designed to assist you with creating your ArmyIgnitED files to “simplify” your working lives. is currently live and available for you to check out. This tool will help you build your degree program and course enrollment files through a direct page interface where you can type in your data so that it can then generate your .csv files for you.

We are holding weekly 30-minute training sessions for this tool, starting 18 November 2021 at 3PM Eastern Time. Check out the Events link in Mighty Networks to see all of the sessions so that you can pick which one you want to RSVP.

We have also created an 8-minute training video along with a companion step-by-step instruction document, which are also now available to you in Mighty Networks under Resources > Training Videos > How to Use TASimplifiED.

September 27, 2021

Army School Support Transition from Vantage Point Inc. website to Mighty Networks (MN)

The Army School Support team transitioned from the Vantage Point, Inc., website to a Mighty Networks (MN) community setting.  This is a dynamic and user-friendly networking platform designed to better support our EIs with their ArmyIgnitED activities.

This platform is also 100% free to all users. However, it is behind a login to uphold the security of the ArmyIgnitED system. The Army School Support MN community will offer EIs access to important Resources, which will include: Topics, How to Training videos, Helpful Tips, and HQ ACCESS ArmyIgnitED messaged to schools.

We have created the invite with your name and your school’s OPEID.  Please do not edit your name. When you join MN, please update your profile and add your school’s full name to your last name. We would like to know which school you are working with to assist quicker in a response.

IMPORTANT: Please do not unsubscribe to MN as this will be the platform where we will post important ArmyIgnitED updates once this Vantage Point, Inc., page is discontinued.

Join Mighty Networks (MN) now

September 17, 2021

Subject: Effective Immediate, Updated ETP list guidance 17 Sept 2021

Effective immediately, Exception to Policy (ETP) list (spreadsheets or email) previously sent to, which were used for accountability purposes will no longer be required.  Thank you for your assistance with this effort. We ask that you focus your efforts on uploading your ETP / Course Enrollment files into ArmyIgnitED to allow us to pay your invoices.  

Please review your invoice queue and add the Tuition Assistance Requests (TARs) in your invoice queue to your invoices and submit in ArmyIgnitED so ACCESS can make payments. 

July 19, 2021

EI Instructions for Payment of Exception to Policy (ETP) and Unpaid GoArmyEd TA Requests (Class Start Dates back to 1 Jan 2021 and Forward)

Thank you for your continued support of the Army Tuition Assistance (TA) program. To facilitate the payment of TA to schools, we developed a multi-pronged plan so we can pay schools as expeditiously as possible.
For schools that can successfully upload course enrollment files into ArmyIgnitED: please upload all unpaid TA enrollments with course start dates back to 1 January 2021. This includes TA requests that were submitted in GoArmyEd and all Exception to Policy (ETP) TA courses.
For schools that are unable to upload course enrollment files into ArmyIgnitED: we will process your GoArmyEd TA enrollments and ETP payments manually by order of course start date (oldest to newest).

We will be pulling courses with past start dates into ArmyIgnitED in four draws.
Draw #1 occurred 26 July 2021.
Draw #2 occurred 30 August 2021.
Draw #3 occurred 14 November 2021.
Draw #4 is TBD.
If for any reason some courses do not upload correctly into ArmyIgnitED during a draw, they may be resubmitted for the next Draw. All ETP enrollments should be submitted into ArmyIgnitED by the day prior to a Draw.
All unpaid TA enrollments should be submitted to ArmyIgnitED using the course enrollment files. Soldiers need an established Education Path for course enrollments to be accepted into ArmyIgnitED, so please continue to process Soldiers’ Education Paths at your schools.

July 7, 2021

Video Series for File Upload in ArmyIgnitED

Below is the link to the videos on making your files required in ArmyIgnitED. There are multiple videos on the link please scroll down to see all the videos. Please reference the How to Guides and Interactive Training Guide before watching the videos, the combination of the training materials and these videos will assist you with successful uploads in ArmyIgnitED.

Installation Access:
The forms below need to be fully completed and submitted to your Education Services Officer (ESO) via email until ArmyIgnitED has been launched. When ArmyIgnitEd is launched these forms will be found in the site and are to be submitted through a Help Desk Case.
Q1FY22 ArmyIgnintED Quarterly Education Institution (EI) Webinar
Thank you to all who attended the Education Institution (EI) Webinars. Please click on the links below for the Slide Deck and the Webinar Recording.
view Slide Deckview Recording
Quarterly EI Newsletter
The Newsletter contains important information from the EI webinars in March as well as new information concerning the Exception to Policy (ETP) and ArmyIgnitED transition.
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