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Our Army School Support Team works with Academic Institutions (AIs) to assist in their ArmyIgnitED activities. The team serves as the Army’s academic facilitator to the integration of AIs, and to inform potential and current AIs about required system processes, business practices, and Army Credentialing and Continuing Education Services for Soldiers, Army University (ACCESS, ArmyU) policies.

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The Army School Support Knowledge Community

The Army School Support team manages a private collaborative community setting called the Army School Support Knowledge Community. This is a dynamic and user-friendly networking platform designed to better support our Academic Institutions (AIs) with their ArmyIgnitED activities. This platform is also 100% free to all users. However, it is behind a login to uphold the security of the ArmyIgnitED system. The Knowledge Community is our primary method for helping AIs with questions, posting announcements, and providing policy clarification and enforcement. AIs are also able to answer questions and offer tips and tricks for each other.  Additionally, AIs have access to important Soldier TA Resources, which include HQ ACCESS messages to schools, links to various companion websites, the Quarterly AI Newsletter, and Event invitations to the monthly Drop-in Open Q&A Sessions and the Quarterly AI Webinar.

If you are not already a member of the Army School Support Knowledge Community, please go to the landing page ( and click Request to Join.

When you join the Knowledge Community, please update your profile and add your school’s full name to your last name field. It is important to us to know which school you are working with to assist quicker in a response.

IMPORTANT: Please do not unsubscribe to the Army School Support Knowledge Community as this is the platform where important ArmyIgnitED updates are posted.

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ArmyIgnitED Quarterly Academic Institution (AI) Webinar

ArmyIgnitED Quarterly Academic Institution (AI) Webinar

HQ ACCESS, ArmyU and Army School Support invite all AIs to participate in the ArmyIgnitED Quarterly AI Webinar. 

Thank you to all who have attended past Quarterly AI Webinars. Please go to the Army School Support Knowledge Community > Resources link to find the slide decks and links to past Webinar recordings.
 If any AI users have not already created an account for the Knowledge Community, you can do so by navigating to the and clicking “Request to Join”.

Upcoming Webinars

The Q1 FY24 Quarterly AI Webinar has concluded.

We will update this section once the Q2 FY24 Webinars are scheduled. Please be sure to create your Knowledge Community account prior to the next Quarterly AI Webinar. You must have a Knowledge Community account to join the Webinars.
Quarterly AI Newsletter
The Newsletter contains important information from the AI webinars and ArmyIgnitED transition.

The Newsletter can be found in the Knowledge Community Resources.
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