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Experience Registry

XR empowers organizations & communities to move from static listings for their skill-building programs, courses, or activities and publish them digitally - resulting in broader exposure to learners and significantly easier maintenance of each listing. Easily publish them to increase exposure and raise awareness among your target population!

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Return On College for Institutions

ROC for Institutions equips your admission office, advisors/counselors with an interactive tool showcasing your degrees ROI. Enhance understanding of economic value, allowing students/families to make informed decisions on education, career paths.

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Data on Snowflake Marketplace

Our offering on Snowflake Data Marketplace combines a rich selection of public datasets with the agile and efficient cloud technology of Snowflake. Access data from IPEDS, O*NET, College Scorecard, military occupational codes, military to civilian crosswalk, military ranks and pay grades, along with our proprietary Return-on-College dataset. This integration with Snowflake’s high-performance data warehousing ensures you can effortlessly analyze and process vast amounts of data, enabling informed decision-making and insights at an unprecedented pace.

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Single source for up-to-date interconnected data from the most essential Department of Education and Department of Defense public resources.

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The Community Career and Education Discovery Platform

A platform that enables workforce boards and their communities to highlight their region’s high demand career pathways, training providers, and programs, then connect learners/workers with coaches to get them started.

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Empower your decisions with! The quintessential hub for labor market and higher education data intelligence!

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Exponential Pathways

XP allows students to explore local and national occupations, career pathways, mentors, workforce groups. It allows organizational leaders to set up assignments and activities to guide students on their career exploration journey.

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Virtual Mentor

Virtual Mentor allows you to easily request, capture, and display curated success story videos from all across your community -- spreading their influence to all sorts of learners no matter where they are on their education or career journey. Empower your community leaders to share their journey far & wide!

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Career Path Decide

Career Path Decide provides Service members the ability to explore careers based off their skills, interests, values, and lifestyle which assists them to DECIDE on the next higher education or certification moving closer to their goal after serving.

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Return On College for High School

ROC offers clarity and direction for the future. Understand career goals, see the value of degrees for earning potential, and make informed choices on educational investments.

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Career PathBuilder

Career PathBuilder lets workforce boards, businesses, and educators easily create & share career pathways with user-friendly tools and integrations. Empower Aspirations with Career PathBuilder.

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The Mentor Method

Move from DIY mentorship programs managed via spreadsheets to a scalable digital experience featuring algorithmic matching, automated administration, customizable program frameworks, and real-time data tracking to measure true program success!

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Vantage Point offers expertise in strategic planning, user experience design, artificial intelligence, data analytics, agile project management, and technology to turn our clients' largest workforce challenges into their competitive advantage.

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See our team of experts in design, data science, application development, agile project management, workforce development and higher education.

Cristine Carpenter

Cristine Carpenter, Vantage Point Consulting co-founder and President, is an 11-year US Navy veteran with a background in human resources management. Prior to founding Vantage Point, Cristine worked in HR for the US Patent & Trademark Office. Cristine enjoys painting, sharing time at concerts and museums with her two daughters, and crafting new fusion cuisines. Cristine has lived in the Philippines, England, Italy, and France as well as Los Angeles, New York, Louisville and Washington, DC, infusing the richness of experiences into her work, cooking, and art. Cristine’s appreciation for diverse cultures shapes Vantage Point’s deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplace and in our work.

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Dr. Jeff Carpenter
Executive Vice President of Strategy & Business Development

Jeffrey Carpenter, a Vantage Point Consulting Co-founder, serves as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development and has over 20 years’ experience in management and technology consulting. His user-research and data-backed approach to solution design draws from his diverse experiences at IBM, PwC, and Vantage Point. Jeffrey is a Cal Berkeley alum, earned his EdD from UPenn GSE and a dual MBA and MPP from Georgetown University. Jeff is an avid traveler and loves trail running with his trusty Samoyed, Berkeley.

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Harold Tran
Vice President of Operations and Finance

Harold Tran, VP of Operations and Finance at Vantage Point, brings a wealth of management consulting experience from Andersen Consulting, Accenture, and Slalom. Harold passionately pursues harnessing educational technology for the betterment of society – working to revolutionize learners’ journeys and contributing to a brighter future through innovative solutions. Harold enjoys golfing, tough mudder-ing, and rooting on Seattle sports teams!

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Travis Mantiply
Vice President of Technology

Travis Mantiply, Vice President of Technology, contributes 20+ years of Technology Consulting experience where he has led the successful adoption of modern technologies, innovations, and groundbreaking solutions at IBM, Vantage Point, and within the sectors of Higher Education, the DoD, and Healthcare. Travis is an alumnus of Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business, and in his free time enjoys history, art, golf, and backcountry adventures.

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Wendy Garcia
Director of Business Development & Marketing

Wendy has 20+ years of consulting experience in both the Federal and State Government sectors.  Her specialization includes Business Development, Project Leadership, Strategic Planning, Change Management with emphasis in Military Initiatives, Higher Education and Workforce Development. She holds degrees from the University of Hawaii and the University of South Florida and is Prosci® Change Practitioner and ICAgile Project Management certified.

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Stephanie Kahne
Director of Delivery Excellence

Stephanie has been with Vantage Point since 2017 and is a seasoned Higher Education professional with over 20 years' work history in higher education. Her experience includes Director of Delivery Excellence, Program Manager, Director of Advisement and Admissions, Financial Aid and Veterans Administration (VA). She demonstrates servant leader traits and successfully communicates effectively and strives to deliver superb customer outcomes and exceptional satisfaction to the client.

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Marc Eckardt
Director of Business Analytics & Human Resource Management

Marc is a retired Naval Oceanographer and self-declared life-long learner & data geek.   He currently supports the Voluntary Education community through the Career Ready Portfolio and is motivated to help Service members, Counselors, and Decision Makers make sense of all the data.  Broadly, Marc has extensive experience leading large, technically oriented organizations providing products and information for big-data applications.  In his free time, Marc enjoys spending time with his family, playing music, and tending his garden.

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What We’re Up To

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March 25, 2024

Enhancing Veterans’ Success: Student Veterans of America Partners with Vantage Point Consulting

Washington, D.C - 24 March 2024 –  In a significant step forward to enhance the career and education landscape for veterans, Student Veterans of America (SVA) and Vantage Point Consulting Inc developed a ground breaking solution designed to facilitate the transition of service members to fulfilling civilian careers and educational achievements.

SVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting student veterans with more than 1,600 Chapters across the United States to also include locations overseas. Vantage Point Consulting as a trusted advisor in career and education pathways, has been dedicated to supporting service members and veterans through tailored solutions to assist thousands of individuals in making informed decisions and achieving success in their post-military lives for nearly two decades. With SVA’s diverse population of student veterans, military-affiliated students, spouses, dependents,caregivers and survivors, this strategic collaboration sets a new benchmark in support services for veterans and their family members.  

Cristine Carpenter, a US Navy veteran and founder of Vantage Point Consulting, Inc., expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "We are honored to partner with Student Veterans of America in our shared mission of supporting service members and veterans. Together we share a commitment to make life-changing career opportunities more visible and accessible to veterans and military connected members."

As part of this collaboration, Vantage Point Consulting worked with SVA to understand their needs and offer a solution with advanced personalized and localizable recommendation engines to aid transitioning service members and veterans to make informed academic and career decisions.  SVA’s National Academic Advising Center, through the expert guidance of the SVA Success Coaching team, offers a gateway to a degree program and pathway that resonates with veterans’ career ambitions, leveraging their skills, experience and talents to achieve their goals.  Additionally, Vantage Point Consulting supported the development of integration of a robust job opportunities search feature tailor made to align with the aspirations of student veterans.

In conjunction with the SVA Career Center, Vantage Point Consulting created a modernized job board with a concentration on curated opportunities. This powerful tool equips student veterans and military connected members with the ability to explore employment prospects, internships and job postings that align with their career goals. By connecting them with relevant opportunities, this feature further enhances their career readiness and opens doors to success.  The SVA job board is designed for military service members, veterans and military connected members to connect with employers who value military service and embark on a journey to achieve career aspirations through the camaraderie of an excited and supportive community. This could lead to discussions of internships, part-time work that might offer security clearance billets, fellowships, and ultimately full-time opportunities.

This partnership between Vantage Point Consulting and Student Veterans of America represents a significant milestone in supporting the career and education aspirations of service members and veterans. By combining Vantage Point's proven expertise and innovative solutions with SVA's impactful mission, together both organizations are committed to providing exceptional resources, guidance,and opportunities to make a lasting difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

About Vantage Point Consulting:

Vantage Point Consulting is a leading provider of career and education advisement solutions for service members and veterans. With 17 years of experience,Vantage Point has supported individuals in making informed decisions and achieving success in their post-military lives. Through innovative technology and personalized guidance, Vantage Point empowers service members and veterans in their career and education pursuits.

About Student Veterans of America:

Student Veterans of America (SVA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and post-graduation. SVA strives to empower student veterans in achieving their educational and career goals through various initiatives, partnerships, and programs. Through a network of nearly 1,600 on-campus chapters, SVA has been inspiring tomorrow’s leaders since 2008 to ensure they achieve their greatest potential.



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January 30, 2024

Vantage Point Consulting Wins Prestigious 2024 CCME Corporate Award

Denver, CO – 30 January 2024 – Vantage Point Consulting, a veteran and woman-owned firm specializing in workforce solutions and education innovation, proudly announces their achievement of the esteemed 2024 Council of College and Military Educators (CCME) Corporate Award. This prestigious accolade recognizes Vantage Point's exceptional contributions to military education and their unwavering dedication to the armed forces.

Since its establishment in 2006, Vantage Point Consulting has distinguished itself through innovative approaches in management consulting, design, data, and technology. Their commitment to solving workforce challenges with employers, educators, and learners has been consistently evident, earning them recognition as a HireVets Gold Medallion recipient.

A crucial aspect of Vantage Point's impact is their exemplary commitment to the Army VolEd program. Since 2020, they have played an instrumental role in the transition from a legacy system to the ArmyIgnitED platform, addressing the needs of over Campuses Institutions Military Centers. Their expertise in higher education, technical acumen, and understanding of DoD MOU policies have been pivotal in providing valuable solutions and support during this significant transition.

Vantage Point's pivotal role in the modernization of the Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) program and compliance system stands as a testament to their expertise and dedication. Their work with the American Council on Education (ACE) in modernizing the ACE Learning Evaluation program, including the development of the Modernized ACE Military Guide, has significantly advanced military education.

In response to receiving the award, Vantage Point President Cristine Carpenter expressed her gratitude and pride: "This award is a monumental recognition of the hard work and dedication our team has invested in supporting military education. We are deeply committed to empowering those who serve our nation through innovative educational solutions. Receiving the CCME Corporate Award is not just an honor; it embodies our unwavering dedication to the cause of military education and serves as a catalyst for our continued efforts in this vital field."

The CCME Corporate Award, given to organizations that show significant contributions to military education, highlights Vantage Point's leadership in providing quality education products and services to the armed forces. Their innovative solutions, including Big Data Analytics, User Experience Design, Agile Project Management, and custom SaaS Workforce Solutions like Career Path DECIDE, have revolutionized the approach to military and workforce education.

As Vantage Point Consulting celebrates this achievement, they reaffirm their commitment to excellence in supporting military learners and continuing to innovate in the field of education and workforce development.

For more information about Vantage Point Consulting and their services, please visit

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