The Mentor Method

Meaningful mentorship for the modern professional.
Move from DIY mentorship programs managed via spreadsheets to a scalable digital experience featuring algorithmic matching, automated administration, customizable program frameworks, and real-time data tracking to measure true program success!

Foster strong Mentor-Mentee pairings that are more likely to succeed -- and scale to any size!

Best-in-class, bias-free matching of Mentees and Mentors - powered by a customizable algorithm!
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The Mentor Method

Build your data engine to do the work for you & measure the true success of your mentorship program!

Fully customizable in-program surveys to get the answers you want and the data you need
4.85 out of 5
Average Mentor / Mentee match satisfaction rating
Decrease in time spent administering a mentorship program when compared to DIY alternatives
Decrease in time required to design & launch a mentorship program

Decrease the time spent administering a mentorship program -- and focus instead on data insights!

A suite of powerful tools curated for mentorship program administrators to handle program logistics
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Client Stories

Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group wanted to support their junior officers by launching a mentorship program that connected them with an experienced leader from a different part of the organization to build authentic, cross-functional connections and open up networks that were previously unavailable. With limited bandwidth, LFG needed an affordable turnkey solution to help strucutre, launch, and maintain the logistics of their "Let's Link" program -- all of which they found in partnership with The Mentor Method. By leveraging the platform, LFG was able to streamline the process of designing a compelling program, identifying key success metrics, and getting Mentees and Mentors matched using a best-in-class matching algorithm that considers both professional alignment and personality in suggesting matches that last.

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