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Career PathBuilder

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Client Stories

Buffalo Futures: Empowering Opportunity Youth through Career Pathways

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership sought to unveil sustainable career avenues to opportunity youth (individuals aged 16-24 who did not complete high school). Comprising training providers, local employers, non-profit organizations, and a workforce board, the partnership aimed to illuminate local career pathways that were under the radar for these young aspirants and to highlight accessible entry points that do not necessitate a college degree.

Implementation with Career PathBuilder:

Employing Career PathBuilder's intuitive interface, the collaborative diligently constructed and mapped out twenty distinct career pathways. With the primary objective of providing clear visualization and information, Career PathBuilder enabled the partnership to effectively demonstrate the various entry points and progression in these pathways.

Moreover, a bespoke Career Futures platform, engineered and hosted by Vantage Point, was used to present these pathways in an interactive manner. This configuration was tailored to cater specifically to opportunity youth, connecting them with an array of local resources.

 The interactive career pathways on the Career Futures platform serve as bridges to a host of opportunities, including:

Local Training Programs: Youth are directed to training programs in the vicinity that equip them with skills essential for entry into the identified career pathways.

Internships: Connecting opportunity youth with internship programs that provide invaluable experience and a stepping stone into the professional world.

Career Coaching: Facilitating access to career coaches who guide these individuals through decision-making and planning for their career journey.

GED Completion Programs: For those who didn’t complete high school, the platform offers information on programs that can help them earn their GED.

Support Services: In addition to career-related resources, the platform also connects youth to critical support services such as food banks and housing resources, assisting in overcoming barriers that might hinder their career progress.

Through the efficient use of Career PathBuilder, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has established a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that empowers opportunity youth to take confident strides into sustainable career paths, fostering community development and individual growth.

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