An online application that enables employers, workforce boards, and education providers to build, digitally publish and maintain their own visual, digital career pathways to visually communicate high demand career progression opportunities associated with an education program, within a local community, region, or industry, or within a company. Diversity your worker and learner pipeline with PathBuilder!
Pathbuilder shows detailed information for occupations and educational options to get there


  • Use Department of Labor’s O*NET Framework to build visual career pathways
  • Edit any data element in your pathway (pathway titles & descriptions, occupation titles & descriptions, required competencies, required training, pictures & videos, top employers and more)
  • Connect curated pathways to local training and education programs
  • Customize the competency profile for jobs and pathways
  • Associate companies with specific occupations in your pathways
  • Highlight alternative entry points like internships and apprenticeship programs
  • Share your pathway via link, PDF, HTML embedded or API integration to your website, career advising application, or training program – or integrate with one of our career advising platforms - Career Futures (for opportunity youth and job seekers) or Exponential Pathways (for 8th-12th grade audience)


  • A digital library of career pathways with an easy to use interface to create and update career pathways
  • Increase visibility of your career pathways through flexible integrations
  • Collaborate across your organizations to create career pathways to create your pathways and keep them up to date - no more managing career pathways through paper trails or excel spreadsheets
  • Pre-loaded labor market data with occupation titles, descriptions, salary and education information, and competencies available for over 5,000 occupation titles
Pathbuilder allows you to customize the education options for pathways

Use Case

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership wished to promote life sustaining career pathways to opportunity youth (young professionals ages 16-24 that did not complete high school). The partnership consists of training providers, local employers, non-profit service providers, and a local workforce board. This collaborative used PathBuilder to identify local career pathways not visible to opportunity youth and clearly show entry points to these pathways that do not require a college degree.  Twenty pathways were developed and shared on a configurable Career Futures platform, also developed and hosted by Vantage Point. The interactive pathways connect youth to local training programs, internships, career coaches, and local resources, including GED completion programs, food banks, and housing resources.


The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Buffalo Niagara PartnershipThe United States Department of DefenseIndiana Department of Workforce DevelopmentSEMI FoundationGlobal Technology Firm

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