Case Study

Career Path DECIDE

Provides Service members the ability to explore careers based on their skills, interests, values, and lifestyle then DECIDE on the next higher education or certification moving closer to their goal.

The Challenge

Design a platform with quick and easy exercises that allow Service Members and Education Service Officers to explore & set a career goal, set a career-aligned academic goal, choose the best school for their goals, and share their goals with a Education Counselor in 15 minutes.

The Solution

A mobile friendly product that helps Service Members discover education and career goals, without the constraints of a .mil certificate website. Service Members can see career and education progression within a career field to showcase long-term impacts of career and education decisions through Connected Pathways. The algorithms are derived from survey responses and underlying competency analysis, and creates Military affinity metrics for schools. There is also transparency with an index rating based on nontraditional student outcome metrics and recommended by a Presidential Executive Order.


Service Member Profile Surveys Taken


Average Session Duration Spent Exploring Careers


Exploration And Planning Sessions Initiated On Career Path DECIDE

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