Case Study

ACE Military Guide

A modernized technology platform supporting academic institutions in awarding the right college credit to military-connected learners based on their military training and occupations.

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The Challenge

Create a simple, more intuitive platform that allows learners and academic institutions to better understand how military experience translates to college-level learning and serves as the foundation for articulating academic credit.

The Solution

A fresh design and suite of advanced capabilities were co-created directly with the colleges and universities who serve military-connected learners.


A reimagined, user-friendly design allows academic institutions to streamline the process of evaluating ACE credit recommendations and awarding the right academic credit to students—resulting in time savings for institutions and cost savings for military-connected learners!


Users said tool is helping them have high impact advising conversations with students.

Users indicated a dramatic increase in the % of credits awarded that could fulfill degree requirements.

Users reported multiple hours saved for the review of a single student’s military learning.

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