Learning Solutions

To improve and compete in today’s world, organizations and individuals require effective and adaptive learning strategies and solutions to continually optimize human performance. We believe providing individuals with meaningful and impactful learning experiences is vital for helping them realize their fullest potential and enable career success. Vantage Point Learning Solutions provides the full breadth of services needed to harness the power of learning and empower high performing organizations and workforce.

Learning & Organizational Strategy

We help organizations formulate and implement learning and organizational strategies designed to build and empower a vibrant, skilled, high performing, and resilient workforce. Our approach to learning strategies recognizes the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion to address the unique needs of all learners. Our strategy and organizational consultants and thought leaders bring the experience and expertise to address the full spectrum of learning and human capital, talent development, and workforce optimization. We also bring extensive expertise in total learning architecture, learning data and analytics, and learning solution design and implementation.

Learning Design & Instruction

We apply leading practices in human-centered and instructional design to deliver tailored, meaningful, and impactful learning content and experiences. Our learning design and instruction services include both formal and informal learning design curriculum planning, content development, as well as the ability to deliver both e-learning and instructor led training. We also leverage our fully inhouse design team and multi-media services to deliver vibrant and interactive learning experiences.

Knowledge Management

In today’s digital world, organizations have both the need and opportunity to effectively capture, structure, and share critical information to realize the strategic and enterprise-wide value of knowledge. Effective knowledge management is critical for an organization and members of its workforce but can also be used to more effectively meet the needs of customers and constituents. We provide  a broad array of services and solutions to help you identify, curate, and provide collaborative knowledge sharing. This includes the ability to deliver on-line knowledge repositories and communities designed to support real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing.  

Advanced Learning Technologies

We leverage the power of adaptive and advanced learning technologies to deliver dynamic, immersive, and interactive learning experiences designed to empower the rapid building of knowledge, skill, and proficiency of your workforce.  We bring expertise in augmented and virtual reality, advanced learning simulation and gamification, and the ability to deliver adaptive learning solutions and applications designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s learners. We also understand the importance and value of enabling enterprise-wide learning eco-systems and data, and bring unique expertise in total learning architecture design, learning data and analytics, and learning solution integration.

Talent Development & Performance

We believe in providing every member of the workforce with access and opportunity to grow, advance, and succeed in realizing their career goals and aspirations. We support organizations in designing and implementing defined career pathways that clearly identify career growth opportunities and the required knowledge, skills, and abilities needed. Our career pathways then link available learning and professional development offerings to help learners access and gain the skills and credentials needed to close gaps and be career ready. We also bring expertise and capabilities to enable critical talent development programs such as leadership development, executive coaching, and mentoring to improve an organization’s  ability to attract, grow, and retain a diverse and high performing organization.

Our Partners

To provide our clients with optimum value, Vantage Point works in collaboration with key partners bringing the expertise, experience, capabilities, and capacities they need. These providers are more than just companies we periodically work with, they are our true strategic partners that collaboratively work together as Team Vantage Point to provide organizations with the full spectrum of total learning services and solutions.

Center for Human Capital Innovation
CHCI, a Small Business, providing expertise in organizational needs assessment,  training and education program design, human capital strategy and management, executive coaching, leadership and talent development, and people analytics.
Digital Consultants
Digital Consultants, is a certified SBA 8(a), provides expertise in mission training support, information technology operations and engineering services, audio visual and video teleconference design, installation,and support, cybersecurity operations, data management, wireless communication solutions, and emergency preparedness services.
Eduworks, a small business, provides expertise in data-driven and AI-enabled training and educationsolutions that include SCORM, xAPI, and a comprehensive suite of tools for competency-based training, staffing, education, and workforce development for delivering highly interactive, social, mobile, and adaptive learning.
Potawatomi Training
Potawatomi, is an SBA-certified 8(a) American Indian Tribal (AIT), providing  expertise across the fullspectrum of formal and informal training design and delivery, to include live/virtual simulation, with additionalspecialization in Flight Training Support Services, Intelligence Operation Support, Drone Training Services and Training & Instruction.
SimIS, is a Veteran Owned Small Business, providing specialized expertise in the design of Total Learning Architectures, knowledge management,  training policies and standards, modeling & simulation, and the application of SCORM and xAPI into training and learning solutions.