Human-Centered Design

We believe the heart of design is solving the human problem first. From this Vantage Point, we can begin to create meaningful and useful experiences for users. The world is hungry for creative solutions that solve their problems. Our User Experience Design practice is dedicated to finding these solutions.  We offer the following services to our clients to harness the power of your creative minds and ours.

User Experience Design

Gaining empathy for your users is our first priority. We research to understand their needs, wants, frustrations, successes, and dreams. Next we sketch, design, and create iterations based on feedback. We continue to test and refine throughout the process.

User Interface Design

We treat the user interface a window to which users will experience a solution, brand, or system. We do provide dedicated services focused solely on building and improving existing user interfaces. Vantage Point user interface design is hard to separate from User Experience - We strive to solve the human problem first, then build a way to interact with the solution.

Design Thinking Workshops

Our virtual and on-site Design Thinking Workshops help create and facilitate a collaborative environment for creative problem solving. Workshops last between one to three hours depending on client needs. Results have proven over and over again to be inspiring, beneficial, and uplifting to everyone.

Design Studio Collaboration

Our Design Studio is conveniently located at the
Wiehle-Reston East metro and fifteen minutes from Dulles International Airport. Our activities last between one to three days and involve interactive exercises, brainstorming, and inspirational playbacks.