Exponential Pathways

Youth Career Pathways Advising Platform

A digital career readiness advisement platform, co-developed with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), for teachers or advisors at high school districts and workforce boards to support career readiness lesson plans for 8th-12th grade students, young adults, and opportunity youth including interest and skill assessments, matching to local career paths and exposure to short-term and long-term skill-building activities they can pursue to enter local career pathways. The platform includes an administrative role to create career readiness assignments, support advising, and track analytics by class/cohort, school/site, district/organization. Provide youth at your school or service organization with an interactive, localized career-readiness curriculum with XP!
Students can explore activities to help them build skills in XP


  • Designed and branded for secondary school audience
  • SaaS Role-based Platform with flexible user admin roles (e.g., State, School District, School, Teacher/Counselor, Student)
  • Configurable career ready classroom or advisor assignments
  • Built-in Skills and Interest Careers Assessments
  • Integrates via API with Vantage Point’s PathBuilder solution for localized curation of visual career pathways
  • Integrates with via API with Vantage Point’s Experience Registry solution to expose locally available training, education, apprenticeships, internships, co-curricular activities, and resources in context of career readiness
  • Integrates via AP with Vantage Point’s Virtual Mentor solution to expose local and diverse virtual mentor stories in context of career pathways
  • Integrates with Return on College to enable prospective college students to assess the ROI of college degree programs in context of their career goals
  • Integrates via API with Datastop.io for real-time occupation and education data feeds
  • Build-in analytics enables administrators to track site usage, interactions with career pathways, interest in skill-building experiences
  • Success team supports your full implementation from project management, organizational change management/user adoption, localized branding/design, career pathways configuration, virtual mentor set-up, sustainment planning, and marketing


  • Rapid set-up and deployment of platform
  • Highly configurable and localizable for single school or schools within a district
  • Low-cost, bundled per-student pricing for all Vantage Point integrated products (PathBuilder, Experience Registry, Datastop.io, Virtual Mentor, ROC)
  • Exposes youth to multiple pathways beyond college path (Employment, Enrollment, Enlistment)
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Use Case

Developed in collaboration with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning, XP will be piloted in several contexts starting January 2023 including with a regional workforce board, with a national not-for-profit that is embedded in middle schools and high schools, and within a set of high schools as part of the current grant’s data-driven product development requirements. Impact data will be published and shared in Spring 2023 and we are actively seeking additional pilot participants.


The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Junior Achievement of Central Indiana

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