College students walk around campus wearing ADVANCE tshirts


The Career Accelerator Toolkit helps students understand skills gained within their education pathway, plan their course work based on skills, track skill acquisition as they progress, and interact with a skills transcript that will help them articulate to employers their preparedness for in-demand careers through the skills they have acquired.

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Transcripts printed in first 90 days.
distinct skills derived from
over 500 courses.
Perfect Net Promoter Score of 10
from Academic Coaches on initial launch.


According to recent data from the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Survey, individuals who view their educational experience as relevant to the world of work are far more likely to complete their education and report that their learning was worth the cost. Employers also indicate that they prefer to hire people who gain practical work experience as they study.


We created the ADVANCE Career Accelerator Toolkit to feature career exploration, highlighting in-demand jobs using key Labor Market Information and career-specific skills, to guide students toward in-demand careers while presenting the academic pathways that will help students enter or promote within a career. Students are encouraged to persist through a personalized Skills Roadmap, Skills Planner, and Skills Transcript.


After launching the initial pilot early in 2021, the application has received rave reviews from students and academic coaches. Students spend on average over five minutes per session with the Skills Roadmap and Skills Transcript leading as the most popular features.