Career Path DECIDE

Career Path DECIDE is designed to support Service members with career pathway exploration and goal setting early in their military career lifecycle to help formulate a long-term civilian career goal and then recommends a set of aligned Department of Defense resources to support preparation for that goal to include aligned degree programs and colleges available through Tuition Assistance Benefits, aligned short-term credentials and certifications, and support resources such as the Troops To Teachers program, Academic Credit for Prior Military Learning, Credit by Examination options, and more.
Service Members input current skills and skills they'd like to gain


  • Career Exploration Platform
  • Integrates with ¬†for up to date occupation data
  • Four integrated assessments (skills, interests, values, and lifestyles)
  • Integrated military career to civilian career skills crosswalk
  • Integrates with PathBuilder to showcase high national demand pathways
  • Goal planning worksheet that is shareable with Military Education Counselors


  • Provides Military Counselors a suite of data and tools to support professional counseling
  • Enables Service Members, Veterans, and Dependents to make data-informed decisions about long-term career goals and both short and mid-range education investments
  • Provides business intelligence back to policy-makers to inform trends and usage
  • Contextualizes the availability and use of resources available to Service Members
  • Over 10,000 users monthly
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Use Case

Military Education Counselors needed to help Service members explore & set a career goal, set a career-aligned academic goal, choose the best school for their goals, and share their goals within short advising sessions. Career Path DECIDE was developed with extensive end-user research and feedback as a mobile-friendly product that helps Service Members discover education and career goals without the constraints of a .mil certificate website. Service Members can see career and education progression within a career field to showcase the long-term impacts of career and education decisions through Connected Pathways. The algorithms are derived from survey responses and underlying competency analysis and creates Military affinity metrics for schools. There is also transparency with an index rating based on nontraditional student outcome metrics and recommended by a Presidential Executive Order.


The United States ArmyThe United States NavyThe United States Air ForceThe United States Coast GuardThe United States MarinesThe Office of the Secretary of Defense for Personnel Readiness

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