Vantage Point to Lead Statewide Education Campaign
July 1, 2021

Reston, Virginia (July 1, 2021) — Vantage Point Consulting is pleased to have been selected by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) to assist with a 5-month initiative to develop a centralized, statewide strategy and campaign to increase education beyond high school. The effort will support students, families, counselors, and communities to understand and know how to access post-secondary options, including college, apprenticeships, and industry-based credentials. The campaign will also build awareness of state-based resources such as financial aid, community college to four-year transfer agreements, and tuition assistance to private schools in Virginia.
To support SCHEV, Vantage Point has assembled a cross-functional team from its data science and business intelligence, human-centered design, agile project management, workforce development, and higher education practices to accomplish three primary objectives:

  1. Bring together research on best practices in college access and outreach campaigns with labor and education data to create a strategy to build on Virginia’s strengths and address areas of opportunity.
  2. Develop a detailed action plan to implement recommendations and track success.
  3. Launch a comprehensive campaign with materials tailored to meet the needs of students at each stage of their journey, increasing awareness of postsecondary options for elementary and middle school students and supporting high school students in planning and moving forward. Resources and materials will include:
  4. A student-specific website redesigned to simplify choices,
  5. Updated logos and designs,
  6. Outreach templates for high schools and community partners,
  7. A social media strategy and content, and
  8. Counselor and Teacher toolkits. For more information on how Vantage Point can help your state or system increase student access and completion of post-secondary education and training visit us at

About Vantage Point Consulting: Vantage Point Consulting is a is a Northern Virginia-based woman, minority and veteran-owned business that is certified and registered in Virginia as a Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned (SWaM) business. Vantage Point Consulting was founded in 2006 by a group of highly experienced management consultants with a shared passion for working on challenges related to postsecondary education, including access, outcomes/accountability, affordability, and innovation/disruptions spurred both within and outside the walls of colleges and universities. Our core mission, which is reflected in our name, was and continues to be, focused on working with our clients to view challenges and opportunities from a new vantage point to unleash innovation and deliver value. Vantage Point provides a full spectrum of management consulting and technology services, to include strategic planning and facilitation, human capital, human-centered design, Agile project management, software design, development and implementation. The company’s mission is to solve complex human problems with our clients and create value that matters to people’s lives.

About The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia: The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia is the state’s coordinating agency for higher education ( With Pathways to Opportunity: The Virginia Plan for Higher Education, SCHEV is dedicated to making Virginia the best state for education by 2030. For more on this statewide strategic plan, visit

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