Vantage Point to Lead Equity-driven Learning & Employment Records Design Initiative
July 16, 2021

Reston, Virginia (July 9, 2021) — Vantage Point Consulting is thrilled to be supporting Digital Promise’s Learning and Employment Records (LER) for Equity Project to empower all workers with a verifiable digital record of their skills and credentials which can better connect them to available jobs and increase their agency in the workforce. The initiative will be equity-driven, with a particular focus on an LER design inclusive of oft-marginalized workers - especially entry-level Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) - to prevent the reproduction of existing biases in the talent pipeline. "The potential of LER's and a skills-based hiring system is immense, and we want to design LER's to benefit ALL workers--particularly those who are often marginalized and excluded in the development of new technologies," said Harold Tran, Vice President for Vantage Point Consulting. To support the effort, Vantage Point’s cross-functional team of human-centered designers and workforce development subject matter experts will collaborate closely with Digital Promise in four major areas:

  1. Planning out and co-developing equity-first, inclusive LER design principles and facilitation model.
  2. Co-facilitating inclusive design sessions across a diverse range of workers to uncover true pain points and priorities.
  3. Advising on pilot projects, communications campaign, and the refinement and implementation of the equity driven LER design principles and use cases.
  4. Reflecting and iterating on key takeaways and lessons learned to shorten the learning cycle and capitalize on feedback from workers on their individual experience to ensure it is properly captured in LER design principles and use cases.

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