Strategic Planning & Ideation Workshop Facilitation

Client Challenge

One of the key ways to engage a group of people in the workforce is to get them in a room together and in a structured, organized way discuss the issues or strategy at hand.  An objective, third party facilitator is paramount to the success of the workshop because it reduces any preconceived notions of the participants and eliminates personal agendas. The facilitators are then able to guide the meeting based on the success criteria established during the planning stages, keep the participants on track and engage in some of those critical conversations needed to move forward.    

Vantage Point Results

Conducted workshop facilitation for over a dozen different clients across multiple industries including higher education and the Federal Government.

We help organizations get “unstuck” in their current ways of thinking and enable them to move beyond the status quo

Workshop topics have included strategic planning at the highest level of the University, Student Success and Retention including but not limited to marketing and new program ideation, course development process improvement, communications strategies,  advising processes, and large-scale  technology implementations. 

  • Ensure the project has a strong sponsor with both the authority to make decisions and skills to lead the group’s towards their desired changes.
  • Determine scope of the project and goals of the workshop.
  • Define success criteria for the workshop. What top three things need to be accomplished in the session?
  • Develop detailed workshop plan including facilitator guides and participant guides/handouts.
  • Vet workshop plan and materials with client.

  • Project sponsor kicks off workshop by framing the discussion and sharing support of the project.
  • Introduce the goals of the workshop, agenda, and ground rules.
  • Participant introductions and personal statements about what they hope to gain.
  • Conduct workshop to include, as appropriate: review of process maps, current organizational issues and pain points.
  • Engage group in validating and clarifying process maps and/or issues.
  • Breakout sessions to develop plans to address issues, brainstorm new ideas or strategies.
  • Determine next steps and way forward.  

  • Ensure the momentum gained during the workshop continues with the development of a follow-up plan to include actions and ownership.
  • Document workshop findings, changes to reviewed materials, and key takeaways.
  • Present findings to project leadership and workshop participants to “close the loop” on outcomes and next steps.
  • Obtain feedback on findings from all stakeholders to keep communication and dialogue between groups open and transparent.