Operational Process Mapping

Client Challenge

Often organizations are asked to move fast – changes happen and the workforce adapts, but the documentation of these changes is sometimes ambiguous, ill-defined, incomplete or non-existent.  The lack of documentation and clarity of processes can then lead to challenges going forward.  It is often difficult to carve out the time and the resources to take a step back and examine the processes, document them with detailed process maps, and identify any issues, inconsistencies, or opportunities for improvement.  

Vantage Point Results

Identify and interview key facilitators and create detailed operational process maps of current processes and pain points.

Meet with various staff to gain an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and services provided by the organization

Created detailed process maps outlining current state processes, challenges and limitations, lack of processes and confusion areas, as well as successes.

Facilitate a workshop to validate and clarify process while developing recommendations for streamlined processes, organizational changes, and technology enhancements for the future state.


Speak to both leadership and front line employees to flush out and understand existing procedures.

Document all conversations, author process maps, identify issues and areas for opportunities.

Review, validate, update, and refine operational process maps to reflect current state and begin to build a future state.

Identify inefficiencies, make recommendations for improvements, and build streamlined process maps.