CRM Implementation

Client Challenge

A leading online higher education institution needed to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to better communicate with, support, and retain their students. The University was looking for a higher education expert with a background in systems implementations to partner with in the selection and implementation of the new CRM system.  

Vantage Point Results

Managed the selection and implementation of a new CRM:

Documented academic processes and system requirements

Provided Build vs. Buy analysis, and architecture recommendations (cloud based

Facilitated CRM vendor evaluation and selection

Managed the CRM system configuration, Student Information System integration, implementation, and end-user training

Used the CRM to implement an Advisor Outreach Program that resulted in a 25% increase in completion of an Online Learning Orientation course for at-risk students


Partnered with Academic departments  to document processes and define system requirements.

Compared the budget, duration and resources required to purchase a solution vs. building one and provided recommendations.

Collaborated with the software vendor and University resources to implement the CRM solution and provide end-user training.

Piloted CRM-enabled student retention programs and created on-demand data reporting and analytics.