Communication Assessment

Client Challenge

A leading online higher education institution focused on student success and retention needed insight into current practices in communication with students. Specifically, they sought to identify current state business processes, infrastructure, systems, stakeholders and governance of student communications throughout a student’s lifecycle within the University.

The University was looking for a partner with significant expertise in both higher education and strategic communications to lead this effort.

Vantage Point Results

Documented the current state of student communications including all processes, infrastructure, systems and stakeholders touched by the communication

Created a comprehensive inventory of every communication sent to students throughout their experience at the University including the vehicle, channel, message, frequency, and system.

Developed a developed a detailed strategic communications plan for the future which included a communications governance structure, updated policies, new business processes, system recomendations and a plan for implementation.


Partner with Academic departments to document processes and obtain all current communications to students.

Review existing communications governance, policies, business processes and systems against strategic communications best practices.

Share findings, discussed recommendations and collaborate with the University partners on the implementation plan.

Based on feedback from the client, refine and finalize new Governance structure, business policies and processes and an implementation plan.